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Body Structural Integration; Myofascial Release Technique


Is a form of deep tissue, therapeutic massage which, combined with movement education helps to release postural stress and tension within your body. When the body is balanced it functions at higher levels of efficiency, coordination, balance, flexibility and strength, thus allowing the body to move more freely and with less pain.

At the first appointment we will review your health and wellbeing history in detail and perform flexibility and strengthening tests to create a global view of your body structure and function. After listening to what you would like to get from your sessions and analysing the information from your evaluation we will create a specific treatment plan according to your goals and needs.

From here the 10 session plan of “Body Structural Integration” will help to re-hydrate and re-shape the fascia so your body will feel more comfortable, bring back the fluid and movement and help improve posture and performance.

Foundation Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic
78 First Ave, Tauranga, 3110

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