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Foundation Athlete

Foundation Athlete is an athlete development program that focuses on the long term development of youth athletes. The programme is designed to help athletes who want to improve their overall athletic ability, and in doing so, improve their ability in their chosen sport(s).

Foundation Athlete involves

  • Personalised programming. Every athlete has a training programme that is unique to their sport, their current sports season, training age and training goals.
  • Personalised coaching. Our Strength & Conditioning Coach will be on the floor coaching 5 times per week in a group setting.
  • World-class support. As part of Foundation Athlete you will be supported with Sports Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Sports Nutritionist and Mental Skills Coaching.
  • Assessment. All athletes will undertake a comprehensive assessment prior to commencement of their training.

Foundation Athlete is designed for current or aspiring High Performance Athletes. The programme is designed to take athletes to the next level in terms of performance, but is really targeted towards High Performing motivated athletes that require support in their training but are capable of being in control of their own development.

What does it cost and what is included?

The cost of Foundation Athlete is $100 per week. This includes:

  • Fully individualised training programme including Iphone App.
  • 5 group session times per week with our lead Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  • Free physiotherapy for all Foundation Athlete members.
  • Discounted massage for all Foundation Athlete members. ($30 for 30 minute massage).
  • Discounted Sports Nutritionist and Sports Psychology services.

Comprehensive initial assessment

  • Initial muscle balance assessment from your assigned sports physiotherapist.
  • Athlete Performance Testing which evaluates overall athletic ability including anthropometry, strength, power, speed, agility and endurance. This highlights areas that need to be improved to enhance performance. It also provides a benchmark for monitoring athletic improvements over time.
  • Movement screen from our head strength and conditioning coach
  • Nutrition assessment and initial consultation.
  • Sport Psychology assessment and initial consultation.
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