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Have a read of our sponsored triathlete Eddie Rawles and his recent concussion experience!!


Have a read of our sponsored triathlete Eddie Rawles and his recent concussion experience!!
I don’t know what happened. I actually can’t remember any of it.
I came around in hospital in a bit of pain and panic. I could remember getting ready for my long ride, applying my sunblock and planning my bakery stop, but then I never remember leaving the house.
Here is what I was told happened.
I rode my bike into the back of a parked van that was on the side of the road. There were no witnesses. Was I passed too close by a vehicle, making me swerve into the van? There is no point in pondering. I do know I was tired that morning, after already completing an early swim, but I never thought I would ride straight into a stationary object. I was head down, turning the pedals over.
To read more about Eddie’s Concussion experience and management, continue to read the blog at:

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