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What are we about?

At Foundation we offer our patients a personal, caring and effective service. We aim to provide the highest quality individualised hands on physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rehabilitation incorporating a range of diagnostic and treatment skills. We have the top clinicians in each specialist area so we can promise excellent up-to-date medical attention. We guarantee to keep up with current trends and new innovations to ensure our practice continues to be a leader in the delivery of sports rehabilitation services to the wider community and sports people alike.

five key values
Have fun!
Have fun!

All of us at Foundation really love our job. We create a fun working environment. While maintaining professional standards, we try and make sure our patients have fun during their treatment and rehabilitation.
We pride themselves on being a strong, dynamic, and an effective team that combine a multi-disciplinary approach to work together for the benefit of you, our patients.


This value is the foundation way of saying we care!! We care about your rehab, your goals and your challenges. Alongside that we care about each other and the Bay of Plenty community.


The Foundation team, like yourselves live a busy lifestyle so we continue to challenge ourselves and you to achieve the optimal work life balance. Family, Friends, Sports, Study and rehab are all important.

Leaders and innovators
Leaders and innovators

The clinic combines the expertise of qualified physio's, sports physio's, sports massage therapists and exercise therapists. We continue to challenge our staff to continually meet our high expectations and engage well with our patients and the wider community. We have an in-house mentor programme and a thorough professional development plan.

Team work
Team work

The Foundation team pride themselves on being a strong, dynamic, and an effective team that combine a multi-disciplinary approach to work together for the benefit of you, our patients.
We have a collaborative approach to treatment at Foundation which means that we are always working together to achieve better outcomes for our patients.

About About

Our team are highly trained, dedicated and ready to help you get back to full health.

Team Member
Craig Newland
Senior Physiotherapist & Clinic Director

My main areas of interest are complex sports injuries, in particular running injuries and working with our young talented athletes to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. 
Find out more about Craig...

Team Member
Rachel Lambert
Senior Physiotherapist

I am one of our Senior Physio's at foundation and based out at our Aspire clinic.
Find out more about Rachel...

Team Member
Lauren McDonald
Senior Physiotherapist

I have a love for all rehabilitation in particular sport and really enjoy the challenge of post-operative rehabilitation.
Find out more about Lauren...

Team Member
Adina Holder
Senior Physiotherapist

I love being a physio. I strive to deliver a comfortable friendly experience, whilst helping clients achieve their own personal goals.
Find out more about Adina ...

Team Member
Corrine Melrose

I understand the importance of effective rehabilitation not only in sports, but for all clients and I am passionate about achieving this.
Find out more about Corrine...

Team Member
Leigh-Ann Bennett

My sport growing up was dancing and after fourteen years doing exams and performances of various types of dance, and working through my fair share of injuries, I grew a passion for how the body works and moves.
Find out more about Leigh-Ann...

Team Member
Mrs Jacqueline Van Eis

A little while after finishing my Bachelors of Physiotherapy at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, I moved to South Africa to live with my husband.
Find out more about Mrs Jacqueline...

Team Member
Zara Fowell

Born and raised in an active Bay of Plenty community, my love for sport and the outdoors developed later in my teenage years.
Find out more about Zara...

Team Member
Nicola Shaw

Originally from Wellington, I have spent the last 4 years studying at AUT, graduating in 2019.
Find out more about Nicola...

Team Member
James Green

Growing up I was a passionate sportsman but often found myself on the side-lines due to injuries leading to numerous visits to different physiotherapists.
Find out more about James...

Team Member
Campbell Thomas

I was lucky enough to represent the Bay of Plenty in cricket for a few seasons, this provided me with the amazing opportunity and challenge
Find out more about Campbell...

Team Member
Jodi Spurgeon

Part of my passion for physio lies in helping people get active, stay active or improve their performance.
Find out more about Jodi...

Team Member
Taylor Oosthuysen

Originally from South Africa, I had spent the last 4 years studying down south, graduating from the University of Otago in 2020
Find out more about Taylor...

Team Member
Ash Davidson
Massage Therapist

Originally from the Wairarapa but studies Massage Therapy in Wellington
Find out more about Ash...

Team Member
Laura Hardy
Massage Therapist

Laura was born in the UK and grew up in Cyprus and so loves the beach and summer weather here in the sunny Bay of Plenty!
Find out more about Laura...

Team Member
Monica Mayry
Administrative Manager

Hey there! I was born and raised in Minnesota over in the states but New Zealand has been my home for the past 5 years.
Find out more about Monica...

Kim Gunn

Originally from Hamilton I am excited to be making the move over the Kaimais to live in the lovely Bay of Plenty
Find out more about Kim...

Jacqui Carlyle

I grew up here in the Bay of plenty, so have seen the many changes of the Bay, watching it grow into the city it has become has had positives and negatives.   
Find out more about Jacqui...

Team Member
Jennifer Mowat

I’m excited to carry on being part of the foundation team and working with amazing people.
Find out more about Jennifer...

Careers with Foundation
Tauranga Based Physio
  • Are you looking for a job working with a fun dynamic and experienced team?
  • Do you want to work alongside other highly qualified physiotherapists, massage therapists, Sports Physician, dietician, mental skills coach and strength and conditioning coaches?
  • Do you want the opportunity to further develop your skills and work with elite athletes?

Foundation Sports & Rehab Clinic has a reputation in Tauranga - a reputation for being located in the newest gyms, working with the most motivated athletes, and having the biggest focus on professional development.

The Physios here work as part of a multidisciplinary team consisting of physio, massage, nutrition, strength and conditioning, podiatry and sports physician, so you have the chance to collaborate with other professionals for a holistic approach to treatment.

We expect our team to work hard, but we also expect them to play hard, and we encourage you to strike this balance.

Curious as to how we’ve grown to be one of the best in the business, with a team who actually love their work?

For more information check out our website www.foundationclinic.co.nz 

Drop us a line – we’d love to tell you more.

[email protected]

Who we work with
  • Foot mechanics
  • Aquaferns
  • Smiths sportshoes
  • Aspire Health and Sports
  • New Zealand Post
  • Mount Joggers & Walkers
  • Future Gymnastics
  • F45 Training The Mount NZ
  • Tauranga Boys College Rugby
  • Arataki Sports Club
  • Rangiuru Sports Club
  • Te Puke Sports & Recreation Club
  • Tauranga Rugby & Sports Club
  • Inside running academy
  • Foundation Run